Yankees are Defining Themselves as a Team That Doesn’t Roll Over

With tonight’s 3-2 loss to the Houston Astros, the New York Yankees would fall to 21-11 on the season.  Michael Pineda made an early mistake giving up a 2 run home run in the First Inning and again giving up 1 run in the Fifth Inning, but otherwise looked really solid.  The lack of run support early, did him in for the loss.  On the other side, his dueling partner, Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel, was stellar through 6 innings only giving up 1 run while striking out 9.

One thing that has begun to stand out about this 2017 Yankees team is that they keep games close, and will always fight until the last out.  Outside of May 1st’s, 7-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, I can’t think of a game off the top of my head where the Yankees were out of it completely.  As long as there are outs left to give in the Ninth Inning, this Yankees team remains a threat to the opposition.

Tonight in familiar fashion, the Yankees left runners in scoring position with the bases loaded in the 5th, only scoring one run on a Jacoby Ellsbury Special (catcher’s interference). In the 9th, down by 2, Aaron Hicks drew a walk, and Jacoby Ellsbury moved him over to 3rd with a single.  Ellsbury subsequently stole third becoming the tying run in scoring position.  Next up to bat, with 2 outs, Gary Sanchez singled to Left Field scoring Hicks and Ellsbury was on his way to the plate when the dream of a walkoff was ended.  The Astros outfielder made a perfect throw to home and Ellsbury was tagged out ending the game.

This 2017 Yankees team has shown time and time again that they are a team that has the confidence to remain calm even if down by multiple runs at any point during the game. They have pulled out a few comebacks in the past two weeks most memorably against the Orioles and Cubs, and if they can keep these going, there are sure to be many more exciting games heading forward in the 2017 season.


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