Greg Bird With a Chance to Hit the Reset Button

To put it lightly, Greg Bird has not played well at all this season.  Through 72 at bats, Bird only has 6 hits, half of those coming in 1 game against the Cardinals on April 16th.  The rest of his at bats have been tough to watch at times; struggling to catch up with slow fastballs, and just simply swinging through pitches all over the zone.

For about 2 weeks now fans have been calling for him to be sent down to AAA to work out the kinks, but that would probably have had a negative impact on his psyche.  The ice Bird would put on his ankle after every game might tell a different story for his struggles.  As evidence from his lack of effort after grounding into a double play last night, it became clear to most that he was possibly struggling with a physical injury and not just a mental one.

This stint on the DL will allow Bird to rest his ankle and his mind.  The warm up games in AAA combined with rest will possibly work as a reset button on Bird’s 2017 season.  A win/win for both Bird and the Yankees.


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